Sample Engagements

Clients include independent power producers, large industrial consumers, and retail providers.  Sample engagements include:

  • Expert testimony regarding wholesale market design
  • Expert testimony on the prudence on continued construction of a coal plant
  • Expert testimony regarding special contract pricing for large industrial customers
  • Expert testimony regarding interconnection of wind resources at distribution level
  • Expert testimony in civil litigation regarding commercial reasonability of retail electric contracts.
  • Consulting services to large industrial companies regarding electric market design.
  • Consulting services to a medium-sized retail electric provider
  • Consulting services to a large retail electric provider/generator regarding market opportunities and regulatory/government affairs.
  • Consulting services to a developer of compressed air energy storage on regulatory and government affairs.
  • Expert testimony regarding market design, the meaning of PURPA and the appropriate payment to Qualifying Facilities for power provided to the grid.
  • Expert testimony in a contract dispute between a retail electric provider and a customer regarding pass-through charges.
  • Consulting expert on a purchased power contract between an investor-owned utility and a municipally-owned utility.
  • Consulting expert on a merger of regulated utilities.
  • Expert testimony on retail rate design.
  • Develop and implement advocacy plan to avoid power plant retirements from a proposed policy to ban once-through cooling in a coastal state; manage compliance filing for two power plants.
  • Advise on the economics of energy storage technologies.
  • Advise on the feasibility of opening additional retail gas markets to competition.
  • Advise on how to structure a regulatory and government affairs organization.